Laptop-wielding missionaries, est. 2011

We help churches engage their communities with the gospel.

Creative Missions pairs media professionals with under-resourced churches and creates sustainable solutions that engage their communities with the gospel. Teams donate a week of onsite creative help to 10-15 churches and produce videos, websites, logos, printed items, tech solutions, and much more. We've covered a lot of ground over nine years!

125 Churches

New churches and old (distinctly smelling) from multiple evangelical denominations

12 States + 1 Province


100 Missionaries

Folks from all over North America and the UK have cheerfully given up a week to serve the local church.

Why Rhode Island?


After spending the last two years out west, Creative Missions returns to our roots in the Northeast for year nine. We've met with pastors throughout Rhode Island, listened to their needs, and see where God is working and how he can use our team.

We'll base out of Providence, also known as the "Creative Capital." It's the fifth most post-Christian city in America with over 60% of its population being post-christian, and the third least Bible-minded city in America with less than 12% of its population qualifying as Bible-minded (Barna, 2015). Many churches that used to host pioneers of the faith like Roger Williams, Adoniram Judson, and George Whitefield now proclaim teachings that fall short of the gospel.

However, there is a new movement in church planting with renewed enthusiasm and a more thoughtful approach among a younger generation of church leaders. Together, these churches represent an unlikely revival in an unlikely place drawing some of the unlikeliest congregants — one uniquely suited to the millennials and younger Gen Xers who have supposedly abandoned religion in droves.

History, culture, cuisine, company startups, higher education—the offerings here are plentiful, and so are the opportunities to share the love of Jesus Christ through the gifts he has given us. The need is great, but the gospel is greater.

But you don't have to take our word for it!

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